Prince of Wales
70 Hockley Road
(01827) 280013.


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Prince of Wales  

We came here under the impression there were five real ales, but there was only one (Brakspear OBJ). Plenty of whiskey though.?Two bars, lounge is larger, quieter and darker, wooden tables/chairs and some padded benches around walls. Wooden bar with overhang. The other bar has a pool table and wooden chandeliers throughout. Bar staff friendly. No parking outside or accommodation. No food served here, though there is a beer garden.



The good old Prince of Wales, as your accurate review says is a friendly place. Tom and Dot, are always ready to tell a story or indulge in some friendly gossip, which makes the Prince the most vibrant pub in Wilnecote. The beer is always well kept with good rotation on cask ales, even though 'old thumper' is not really my brew. Fridays are always busy, the bar is usually full and noisy, while the lounge slightly more calm. Some say the pub is old fashioned as no all day drinking is done, but I enjoy the Landlord's grip on a little bit of tradition and it makes a visit more enjoyable, when no matter what, the towels go on at 3.00pm every Sunday. I hope to see you in bar soon, its worth the trip. (Paul illsley, 2000)

Friendly bar staff? Tom is well known throughout our village of Wilnecote as an extremely unpleasant individual. I and many others avoid the Prince of Wales as long as he is owner. There are far more friendly pubs in Wilnecote with far better beers. Try either the Queens Head or the Globe - both in the CAMRA good beer guide. (Nick, 2000)

I have lived in Wilnecote for the last 16 years and have used the Prince of Wales throughout this time. The beer is always of a high standard and I have always found Tom and Dot to be very pleasant. Whilst I agree that the Queens Head is also a good pub, I feel that the Globe is too brightly lit and lacks atmosphere. (Peter)





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