The Grapes
38 Widnes Road
0151 424 7338.


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The Grapes  

This is the best outlet for Real Ale that I know of in Widnes, serving Cains, Tetley and Boddingtons and at least one, often two, guest ales. As a Greenalls (ex Boddingtons, ex Whitbread, ex Higsons) Managed House the selection is often from the Whitbread guest range, though this has been more adventurous since Greenalls took control, illustrating their wider buying capabilities. Before Caffreys (yeuch) was introduced, Higsons was also stocked, though this was not as successful as the Theakstons it had replaced. Recent examples of guests (in order of my memory!) are Ridleys Rumpus, Bombadier, Caledonian ERA (Edingburgh Real Ale), Ushers Founders Ale and Morlands Old Speckled Hen. The latest excellent examples were Cains Red Fox, an excellent bitter ale with a beautiful colour (RED!) and Youngs' Dirty Dick, sweeter and malty. There is a very mixed clientele including students, youngsters and oldsters, and with many visitors calling in on their way from one end of town to the other, it can get very busy at the weekend. The vault, which houses a pool table and darts board, is larger than the lounge which has a small snug, and the taped music is always kept to a reasonable level. A TV in the lounge is usually tuned to Sky Sports though there is never any sound on to distract the non-sporting fraternity (ie me!) The pub is very well run and I have never witnessed any serious disturbances despite it's proximity to the Town Centre. This is my local even though I pass 3 other pubs on my 25 minute journey! In addition, the Grapes is located next to a chippy with a good quality Chinese Restaurant, a very good Indian Restaurant, a newly opened and untested Indian takeaway and an excellent cheap Chinese takeaway all within 500 yards! No accommodation here.



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