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The Weir  

If I had a choice, I would sit outside pubs like this every night of the summer. There are birds (the feathered variety), sunsets and beer, which all help to make you feel relaxed and ready to put your feet up. Right on the waters edge, it the Weir is reasonably easy to find. Head for the river and just follow the towpath towards London. You cant miss it, or another great pub, also on the Towpath - the Anglers. Both are near the edge of town, so some walking is required. The pub itself has tables outside for summer, but due to a quirky bylaw, you are not allowed to sit at them in the evening, so the sunset has to be viewed by other means. Inside is rather like most pubs these days - not seen an IKEA advert. Food on the other hand (served lunch and evening) is good and fresh and reasonably priced this close to London and the water borne traffic that is generated in the summer months. You can tie your boat up and enjoy a pint here. The real ales on at the time were Badger Tanglefoot and Old Speckled Hen. The pub used to have more rooms, but the walls were removed to create space (or a barn, depending on your view). However, it never feels empty as The Weir is a busy pub serving to a mixed clientele. Worth a visit, as is the Anglers off Manor Road, which served Old Speckled Hen and has generous portions for food and caters for families in the upstairs river view room. No accommodation here.



The weir hotel finally has rooms! Six beautiful brand new all ensuite. 3 overlooking the weir and 3 overlooking the fields. Singles are 75 and doubles are 85. We also have a fourposter bedroom for 105 and a Kingsize suite with double bath for 140 per night. We finally found a chef who we love that can cook and we are trying new beers all the time to keep everyone happy. At the moment we have, Old Speckled Hen, Brakespears Ordinary, London Pride & Tanglefoot, We also added Hoegaarden for ourlager lovers. We are a Freehouse now and have been since we bought the pub from the brewery June 2004. Blues bands on Sunday evenings from end of February and we serve one of the best roast Sunday lunches in Surrey! (15/01/06) 





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