Blue Bell Inn
100 yards from the A41
4 miles north of
(01948) 662172.


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Blue Bell Inn  

This is a two roomed pub (black and white Georgian) with a single wooden bar. There is also a real fire in both rooms which are lit early in the winter. The 1920/30 inglenook fireplace brings back memories of "Upstairs Downstairs" and the low beamed ceiling brings a sense of familiarity and cosyness. The walls are covered in brass (some etchings) and display cabinets. Strangely there are lots of domino trophies? The landlord is a big country and western fan and as the piped music lets on. Two dogs are also on hand, a great Dane and a small poodle. They fill the pub with mischief (poodle eats beer mats). Beers on at the time were Cottage S&D, Hanby Drawwell and usually a guest ale, but not on this occasion. Food is served most times: mushroom soup; chicken in mustard. Seating is stools at the bar, long settles along one wall with wooden tables, second room has eating tables.



Great Dane died some months back and last week (28th March) the poodle left, with its owners, to retirement in Chester.New incumbents are keeping it 'pretty much the same'. Hanby Drawwell is still the mainstay and the new 'top dog' is a young Alsatian named Bear! (7/04/03) 





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Hanby Drawwell
Cottage S&D.