The Fox Inn
Main Street
Thorpe Satchville
LE14 2DQ
(01664) 840257.


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The Fox Inn  

The Main Street, turns out to be the B6047, so the pub is very easy to find, though slow down through the village as the car park is at the front of the pub and can be easily missed if you are speeding.

Not far from Melton Mowbray, you could do worse than come out here for a day trip.

Come rain or shine they serve Sunday lunches until about 3pm, though if it is busy they say they will stay open longer.

An old pub taken over by the John O'Gaunt Brewing Co. and leased back to the original tennant, this pub has been a fixture in Thorpe Satchville for a long time. To testify to this there are notices inside the door and by the bar announcing quizzes and BBQ nights.

All the JO'G beers are on, Robin a Tiptoe, Cropped Oak, and Coat O'Red, though the latter two can often be rotated. The beers are all kept in a great condition and can be served with or without a sparkler - my preference is for without as the aromas of the beer last the whole pint then.

The pub has two bars, a public and saloon. Both have carpet, it's just that the public has a pool table and more space for standing. The bar is a central square one with plenty of space inside it. The top of the bar is covered with hand pumps of one sort or another and there is an overhang above where the glasses are kept. The dark wood can make it seem a little dull inside, but that can enhance the mood as there are a number of low backed booth-style seats facing the bar in the saloon. Here you can squeeze up against your favourite person for an intimate chat.

Food is served throughout the pub, but there is a special eating area at the rear of the pub near the toilets.

Here tables have cloth and are set out for food. There is a fireplace here, but the main heating comes from radiators. By the way, take a look out of the window and see if you can see the gnome! You can also see the beer garden from here. There is a swing and a couple of picnic benches for summer. This is away from the road and so safe for children.

The food is wholesome, traditional and excellent, though the vegetarian has a very limited choice.

The ambiance is great, the landlord is a friendly chap, willing to talk to anyone about the beers or the pub.

Well worth a visit.

No accommodation here.



The fox inn has been taken since October 2005 by a French couple Yves and Elisabeth OGRODZKI which created a genuine French restaurant in the premises. The pub side still exist and still offer good beers and real ale ; john smith cask, Bombardier, old speckled hen... 





beer, food, beer garden, real fire, kids, car park, real cider, pets allowed 


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Robin a Tiptoe
Coat O'Red
Cropped Oak.



The Cheney Arms
2 Rearsby Lane
6km from Thorpe Satchville
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