The Cross Keys
North Yorkshire
YO17 9TG.
(01377) 288272


Mon -6-11; Tue-Sat 12-3, 6-11; Sun 12-3; 7-10.30  



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The Cross Keys  

A single roomed pub in a quiet village in a valley inhabited since the Stone Age. Serving Jennings Bitter, Tetley Bitter and a guest ale.

This pub is in the heart of walking country and so you will find many of them at any time of the year having a pint after an exhausting walk. Food is served here too, both lunch and evenings and is home-cooked.

Children are welcome in the garden - which kind of precludes a winter visit for families.

For winter there is a real fire that warms the bar and a beer garden for summer.

There is accommodation here.



Took 27 cyclo tourists to C.Keys 25/06/05. I had contacted earlier in week to be gruffly told no bookings and just turn up. Must admit told publican 14 -18 people expected. Arrived at 12.00 to give them plenty of time to prepare food .Only 4 others in pub. Both publican and chef were VERY VERY rude to EVERYONE. I am very thick skinned but could not believe my ears listening to a the barrage being volleyed at the "guests". They obviously flapped at seeing many customers wishing to give them money for meals/drinks. I have used this pub before and recommend the beer and food. The staff however I cannot understand why they are in a trade serving the public with 0 skills in politeness and manners. I was very embarrassed I can tell you. Never ever or don't wish to see a repeat in a pub like this one again. A thank you for the trade, a smile, pleasant conversation and please recommend us would have been nice. Never again !! (27/6/05)

Stayed here for two nights in June 2005,on a cycling holiday. The accomodation, in a separate block, next to the pub was excellent - alovely room, comfortable clean and cosy. Good facilities to store bikes and a great breakfast. In the evenings the pub was popular but not too full and we ate there in the evenings as well. An excellent base for walkers and cyclists... (22/10/05)

I took a party of 4 people there - visitors from afar. We had a 4 month old puppy (Jack Russell) and were refused entry in a VERY brusque way because of the dog. The place was 2/3 empty. The dog was totally well behaved and as it had been walked we knew it would not disgrace itself. Like the person with the cyclists, I would NEVER recommend this place. Why do such people run a little pub in such a rural setting? (08/09/06)

In contrast to the previous two comments, I can say that my wife and I were very well treated by the chef and the barman. Neither of them are the most communicative of characters, it is true, but they are a lot friendlier than some more gushing landlords. We were pleased to have an excellent meal and a quiet pint not interrupted by cyclists and dog owners. Full marks to the Cross Keys and I hope it continues to trade in exactly the same manner. (15/03/07)





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