The Greyhound Inn
Sutton Stop
Nr Coventry
West Midlands
024 7636 3046


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The Greyhound Inn  

At the confluence of the Oxford and Coventry canals, this pub is a perfect place to tie up your barge and step into the pub for a good pint and some food.

The place is called Hawksbury junction when you are on the water and Sutton Stop when not. There are facilities here to refresh your boat, so it is as good a place to be as any.

The pub has two small rooms, which seem to be busy most of the time in that country pub sort of way. In the bar area - 'U' shaped - there are a mixture of large and small tables with benches and chairs and stools. Sometimes it can be difficult to get to the bar as too many people crowd round the seating and fireplace that it's single file to the bar. That I guess is the price you pay for a popular pub. The reverse 'J' shape bar has seating around the smaller end too. However, because of this and smallness of the pub, it is not suitable for the disabled. Decor is reminiscent of the canal era and is quaint and cosy.

They usually carry two guest ales, which are priced at the more expensive end and also has a bottled continental beer - though only more than one in the summer months. Beer festivals are held regularly here in the beer garden 'shed'. The beer prices are comparable to many of the larger beer festivals and they also do a selection of ciders.

Food is served here and has been top quality whenever we've been. The choice is a good one and not just pub grub. They have fish and game choices as well. There is something for the vegetarian too, though the choice is not large. If you want to eat in the restaurant part you will need to book in advance as it is always full.

For the summer there is a beer garden out back where the children can play. Note there is a fenced off fountain if you want to leave your children alone. Out front there are plenty of benches to sit at, so you can while away a lazy afternoon watching the boats/water.

Children are not welcome in the bar area, but can join you for a meal.

Worth a stop as this pub has won the local award a couple of years in a row.



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