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The Union Inn  

Among the famous buccaneers whose footsteps have resounded through the narrow network of streets of the old Saltash Waterside, names to include Drake Raleigh, is one Cornish hero who passed his latter years as landlord of the Union Inn one of the three public houses remaining.

Largely forgotten in his native Cornwall, he is still well remembered in New Zealand. It was in that country that this Cornish leading seaman won his V.C., the first to have been awarded for service in that country; a cutlass charge to seize the flag of a native horde that was in the best tradition of Hornblower and Henty.

Born in Falmouth on the 14th February 1835, William Odgers joined the Royal Navy as Ordinary Seaman and saw action in the Black Sea fleet during the Crimean War. On board H.M.S. Niger he was to win his moment of glory during the Maori Wars in 1860. The battle was considered to have established the Royal Navy in New Zealand as an elite fighting force. Odgers retired, taking "The Union Inn" as a licensee.

William Odgers V.C. was a hero in the best traditions of Raleigh, Drake and Nelson. He is perhaps worth a passing memory when passing by or supping a pint in "The Union Inn "on Saltash's historic Waterside.

The licencees Brian, Barbara and Kelly welcome you to one of the best pubs in Saltash. They serve real ales in this free house with a large union jack on the outside. Situated right on the river you can see the sights and sounds that made this a popular haunt of the smugglers. Live music every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday with Jazz a speciality. On Tuesday there is a quiz night. A dart board in in a corner for those board by questions. Food wise there is a BBQ every Saturday and Sunday that the sun shines - 12-8pm - burgers, hotdogs, pork and chicken in salad rolls.



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