The Village Freehouse
33 Wilton Road
(01722) 329707.


Mon-Sat 11(4 Mon)-11, Sun 12-5; 7-10.30  



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The Village Freehouse  

Situated on the A36 near St Paul's Roundabout, this pub is on the outskirts of the centre and necessitates a little walk.

A street corner pub popular with all, there are a selection of railway memorabilia on the walls and a few good books you can read as well. Beers are usually from Abbey and Taylor's with a couple of guest ales on.

The decor is basic and if you are unfamiliar with the pub you may be put off by the transport cafe view you get as you walk up to it. However, venture in and enjoy some well kept ales in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. There is no food here, though they do hot bacon rolls and other choices.

On Sunday there is a quiz to drown out the TV and jukebox (not always on). One or two pillars in the place make for some quiet spots to sit and chat or be with a loved one and some curtain screens above the headrests create closed spaces. There is also a cellar bar for special occasions, but we didn't see it on this occasion. Not far from the station, hence the rail theme.

No accommodation here.

Access for mobile disabled is possible, but wheelchair users will find it hard to gain access. Gents toilets are very basic, but the ladies are better.



No longer running Sunday Night Quiz. Beer still excellent. Timothy Taylor Landlord and Abbey Ales Bellringer as well as 3 guest ales, usually including one stout, mild or porter. Still shows a lot of railway memorabilia, and the Landlord is still Joe Morris. (Steve Korbey)

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The Chough, Market Square. Hidden Brewery pub.





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Abbey Bellringer
Timothy Taylor Landlord
Quay Ferry Xmas
plus guests.



The White Hart
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