Bermuda Triangle
10 Parr Street
Lower Parkstone
BH14 0JY
(01202) 748087.


Mon-Sat 12-2.30; 5.30 (5 Fri)-11; Sat 12-11); Sun 12-10.30  



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Bermuda Triangle  

An old pub next to the old St Peters school just up from what used to be known as "the county gates".

Always offering at least four guest ales, on this occasion they were: Elgood's Wencelas 7.5%; Tisbury Old Wardour 4.8%; Morrells Advent 4.4%; Robinsons Old Stockport Bitter 3.8%. All were in tip top condition and served through the variation of a swan neck, right to the top of the glass. For those interested in the European side of beer, there are two or three draught lagers on sale like Erdinger.

Food is served at odd times, depending on when the cook/chef gets there (1pm on Saturdays for example, but normally its 12-2pm).

Access to the pub is up steps and there are various steps inside, so it is no good for the disabled I'm afraid. The bar faces you on entrance and has a low overhang covered in bits and bobs with a nautical theme - this being Poole, what else would you expect. In fact it is a little over 'junked' in places with as many items as possible stacked on shelves and ceilings, which leaves little to the imagination.

Anyway, there are stools at the bar and a fruit machine. The rest of the seating is a mixture of benches and chairs around both square and round tables. To the left of the entrance is a step down into a small dark room with a number of prints on the walls and a large aeroplane propeller.

Round the corner from the bar is the fireplace with a gas effect fire in it. This area leads through to the back room where there is Sky TV for the sports fans. A smaller room leads off this separate area. So, lots of nooks and crannies for you to hide in and this makes it a very good town pub and I expect it gets busy at a weekend.

Situated within walking distance of Parkstone railway station.

There is a picnic bench outside, but no garden.

No accommodation here



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