The Anchor
2 Hayfield Road
Walton Manor
(01865) 510282.


Mon-Sat 11-11, Sun 12-3; 7-10.30  



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The Anchor  

The Anchor is a Wadworth pub and stands on the crossroads formed by Hayfield Road, Polstead Road, Kingston Road and Aristotle Lane, in an area of Oxford known as Walton Manor.
The first reference found to a alehouse of refreshment¯ in this area comes from Thomas Hearne's journal for 1718. Hearne mentions the proximity of the well that used to stand on the opposite corner of the crossroads. It is, therefore, tempting to think this is a reference to the cottage that stood on the site of the present day Anchor. It was the proximity of the canal that led to the inn being called The Anchor, first found as such in Hunter's Oxford Directory for 1845 and the landlord listed as one Anthony Harris.

Food is served here at lunchtimes and early evenings, not a great choice for vegetarians. Sandwiches are also available. Look out for the specials board.

A guest ale is usually served, on this occasion it was Early Bird from Hophouse.

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