120 Grosvenor Street
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The Sandbar is another student venue, situated by Manchester Met Uni and is usually full of students avoiding lectures and discussing the latest exciting fashions in thought.

Alright, perhaps that bit isn't true, but there were plenty of students with their folders open in there when visited.

The bar is made up of two shops knocked through, there is a single bar on the right hand side. there are also different level drinking areas. The left hand area has large tables and chairs with settles against the wall. There are wooden floors throughout and round/square tables and chairs, an old fireplace sits idle.

Towards the rear of this room are steps down to another drinking area linking the two bars and the toilets. A long table can seat up to 14 for those large gatherings.

More steps then take you up into the second or right (when facing the Sandbar) bar. Again tables and chairs predominate, though there are some standing/leaning areas too.

Large shop front windows allows plenty of light to enter. This use of natural light also enhances the local artists work which is hung about the place. Usually there are about five guest beers on. Phoenix and Facers are two permanent ales.

The Sandbar is also a good place to come for European beers - some on draught.

Again this bar is close to Oxford Road station and if you come to see the Lass O'Gowrie, then you may as well walk up the road to the Sandbar also.

The Sandbar is also worth a solo visit, especially out of term time when you can get a seat for food which is served noon until 7pm after which a range of proper home-made pizzas are sold until 9pm.

The cider is a changing guest from small producers.

Occasional beer festivals are held.

Prices are average, but not as cheap as you would think - being next to a university and poor students. Toilets are unisex, so be warned, not suitable for disabled access, nor is the bar which has many steps/levels and narrow walkways between pillars/areas.

No accommodation here.



Also try:

The Font, New Wakefield Street - guest ales & bottles.

The Cask, Liverpool Street - several hand pumps & foreign beer.

The Crown & Kettle, Oldham Road - 3 guests.

The Castle Hotel, Oldham Road - 11 Robinsons Ales.

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