Marble Arch Inn
73 Rochdale Road
Greater Manchester
M4 4HY
(0161) 832 5914.


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Marble Arch Inn  

Built in 1888 by McKenna's Brewery this is a tiled palace of Victorian splendour inside and out. Completely tiled on the inside from floor to ceiling (part mosaic floor).

The floor slopes towards the bar so beware, it can be difficult for the disabled and the slightly drunk customer.

Toilets are not accessible for the disabled either. The wall has a cabinet with pump clips in and a shelf for water jugs is high up on the wall. There is a real fireplace near the bar which is at the far end of the pub. Above the fireplace is a large brewery mirror.

Seating is a mixture of pews, benches and wing back chairs. These nestle with round and square tables and the single oblong one for groups. The bar is new and all stained pine with tile inlay. There are lots of Marble beers on at any one time Amber Kitchen Ale 4.7%, N4 3.8%, Bitter 4%, Ginger 4.5%, IPA 4.6%, Summer 4.7%, Porter 5.0% plus a guest ale Joules Old Knotty.

The Marble Brewery only brews organic beersm so the beers have a protein haze. Nothing to worry about, they taste great.

Food is cheap and served lunchtimes only and has plenty of veggie choice, mainly sandwiches and burgers on the menu, but there are a couple of main courses which can be found on the blackboard next to the bar.

If you go to the toilets there are steps and it takes you to an anti-room with a pinball machine/fruit machine and then into what could be described as a student room where the walls are covered in posters. From here you can see the brewery through a window. It looks small, but the beers are perfectly formed and the smell is wonderful.

There are large benches here with long tables. If you fancy the beer at home, you can buy polypins to take home at a reduced price. Not far from Victoria rail/metro station.

Beers are aslo available at: The Marble Beer House, 57 Manchester Road, Chorlton and The Bars, 531/533 Wilbraham Road, Chorlton & The Knott Fringe, Deansgate. No accommodation here



Also try:

The Font, New Wakefield Street - guest ales & bottles.

The Cask, Liverpool Street - several hand pumps & foreign beer.

The Crown & Kettle, Oldham Road - 3 guests.

The Castle Hotel, Oldham Road - 11 Robinsons Ales.

Old Comments:

One of our favourite places to call in when we are in the city. Always has a good range of beers on. The architecture and sloping floor is worth a visit alone. Great in winter when the fire is burning. (Mike and Gaynor 18/8/03)

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