Three Horseshoes
High Street
off A1303
close to M11 Jct. 13
(01954) 210221.


Mon-Sat 11.30-2.30, 6-11, Sun 12-2.30; 7-10.30  



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Three Horseshoes  

The pub is in an affluent place and is immaculate, demurely thatched and absolutely spotless. Everywhere you'll see polished woodwork, gleaming glass and clean carpets. On the walls there are old prints of a bygone age. There are no dress restrictions so you can turn up in your leathers or your suit. Food is served at any table but there is a rather nice 'stunning' conservatory dining-room, where tables can be booked and waiters serve as though they care about their work. The walls however are a bit of a decorators nightmare as they are festooned with weeping figs and passion flowers creeping over trelliswork. Then there's the billowing drapes hanging at the windows. Anyway, the food is generous and they like to be adventurous here with a bold Mediterranean feel, e.g. 'smokily grilled' chicken breast with pesto, lemon-tinged couscous, roasted pine kernels and salsa verde. Try getting that in Harvester! The Three Horseshoes is part of the Huntsbridge Group of independently run pub/restaurants (also White Hart, Great Yeldham and the Pheasant, Keyston). The beer is not bad either. There are three real ales on including Adnams Bitter plus two guests, which at the time were Everards Tiger and Batemans XXXB. Children are welcome if under control, there is good wheelchair access and a garden. One good thing is a no music policy. Alas no accommodation though. It's open 11.30 to 2.30, 6 to 11, Sun 12 to 2.30, 7 to 10.30. Food is from 12 to 2, 6.30 to 10 (not Sun)



There is an excellent wine list, with a wide range of very good wines available by the glass and half bottle. (10/04/03) 





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Everards Tiger
Batemans XXXB
Adnams Bitter.



57-61 The Footpath, Coton
Cambridge CB3 7PX
01954 210455
S: ?30-?33pp, D: ?40-?45pp.