White Hart Inn
201 Ringwood Rd (A348)
BH22 9AB
(01202) 572326


Mon-Sat 11-11, Sun 12-3, 7-10.30  



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White Hart Inn  

The White Hart is a Badger pub with a difference. Set on a busy road near the roundabout to Ferndown or Wimborne, traffic can be a problem if you need to cross the road to get to it. Covered in ivy from the outside, inside it is a welcoming haven of tranquillity - though there is a ghost. You enter near the dart board and toilets and there is not very much seating here, naturally. The rest of the pub is very traditional - low beamed ceiling, small light wood tables and chairs with settles and pews along the walls. Old framed newspapers line the walls along with bric-a-brac from farm life. The bar is to your right as you enter and has a tiled floor area. It is made of light wood and seems to bring the ceiling down to you when standing at the bar. There are a couple of stools here, where regulars can sit. On the bar are four hand pumps, though they only have Badger Best and Tanglefoot, both of which were served with the old style sparklers. For those driving they do diet fruit juices - cranberry, apple, elderberry, etc. The far end of the pub is no smoking and is set out in dining mode for food. There is a black board here next to the fireplace (unsure if working as portable gas heater evident) that spells out the specials, though the menu on the tables is pretty good. Food ranges from jacket spuds to baguettes to warming country pies. The food is all home cooked and made to order, so even the jacket spuds can take a little longer than normal as they refuse to use a microwave to cook. This is reflected in the quality of the food and it was well worth the wait. Food is reasonably priced for the quality and the whole eating experience was good. Food is served most days to 2.30 at lunchtimes and till 9pm in the evenings. The pub has a relaxed ambiance which is well maintained by the landlord who often talks to familiar guests and complete strangers alike. Outside to the rear there is a beer garden (also a couple of picnic benches out front) and car park and the road noise is not evident here. Overall, I would recommend a visit, whether on a weekday or a Saturday lunchtime when its so relaxed that you really don't notice time drifting by outside. Access for the disabled is possible, but not to the toilets.



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Badger Best
Badger Tanglefoot.



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