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This used to be the place where they brewed O'Hanlon's, but he moved to the South West a few years back and sold the pub.

The pub still serves his beers though and you wont be disappointed, up to five are on at any one time. All served with sparkler, though they taste better with it off. From the outside the pub is narrow, but inside it goes back quite some way

The first space on entering is in traditional dark wood floor, but with a high bright new looking wooden bar. Here you find up to 5 of O'Hanlon's ales at any one time. The price is as always high, this is London after all.

Seating is around the walls on thin benches - there is also a huge drop down screen here at weekends for sport, which can detract from the experience. The room to the rear where the toilets are - not easy to negotiate for disabled people - there is a brighter feel with skylights and bright wooden furniture and seating at tables. There is even some greenery here.

The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and well worth getting to it from the tube - nearest tube stop is Farringdon - which is not as close as you'd like it to be.

No accommodation here.

Food is available at certain times, though not tried on this ocassion, the menu looked fine. Call to make sure they are serving when you want to visit.

Also try The Melton Mowbray, 14 Holborn, EC1, it's a Fullers pub and does most of the range.



There has been a change here of late. The O'Hanlon ales have gone and there tends to be a reduced beer choice. The name has changed to something like "O'Hanlon's Little House". Shame. (19.8.04) 





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