The Montague Pyke
105-107 Charing Cross Road
Greater London
(0207) 287 6039.


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The Montague Pyke  

A strange name for this Lloyds Number 1 establishment on the old Marquee site.

Apparently it's named after a local entertainment mogul. The pub itself is OK, not as good as the usual Wetherspoon offerings as it has sports screens and TV and music. Set on different levels with a balcony there are about 5 disabled lifts to ease movement around the pub.

However, when I visited on a Wednesday night there was hardly any room to move as able-bodied, let alone get a wheelchair through. That said, the beer was OK, though short measures are de rigour here. The food as always was good, though more pricey than outside London.

There is a no-smoking area, but it didn't seem like it as it was thick in there. The decor was is all pinks and purples now in an attempt to mellow you out, the seating remains the same as does the dark wood floor.

Seating was a mixture of high stools round high tables, booths, open tables on the balcony and dual booths at the back of the pub where only two people can sit facing each other over a small table (rather like on a train).

Situated right in the heart of theatre-land near the Dominion and the Phoenix, this could be an early evening stop off if you want guaranteed quality at a lower price than most London pubs.

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beer, food, disabled access, no smoking 


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