The Plough Inn
297 Northfield Ave
Greater London
(0208 567 1416).


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The Plough Inn  

The Plough is one of the oldest pubs in Ealing - in fact it was in its present location before Ealing was.

The Plough was the defining landmark of the area known as Little Ealing before 1777, and still marks the point where the southward progress of Northfields Avenue halts as it splits into Little Ealing Lane and Windmill Road, all three of which roads still follow the routes they did over two hundred years ago.

When The Plough was first built, Northfields Lane (as it was then known) was just a minor country road allowing access to the common land to the North-West of Ealing.

The modest size of the pub in those days reflected this. In the years since, the pub has been rebuilt many times, while still managing to retain some of the feel of the original country pub. (The "Annals of Ealing", published in 1898, was even then describing The Plough as "a delightfully quaint old tavern"!)

The Plough is now a Fuller's house. Fuller's started as a family brewing business based in Chiswick, and expanded both by building up a chain of tied houses and by taking over other local breweries (the longer name "Fuller, Smith and Turner" can still be seen on some of the buildings).

Fuller's produce a range of traditionally brewed "Real Ales", and their ESB bitters both regularly win prizes. (Their K2 lager doesn't). Nowadays the Plough is a good-sized family pub with a pleasant beer-garden.

The lounge bar extends through the building to a conservatory at the back, and a standard selection of meals are available, while the public bar is a square, plain drinker's bar.

No accommodation here.



Also try: Red Lion, 13 St Mary's Rd.

Whatever Fullers K2 Lager may have been (in the dim dark distant past) you cannot claim that they brew Directors nor sell it in The Plough (or any Fullers house!). There are some Courage houses that do: worthy of note is the Kings Arms, The Grove W5.

PETER GAIL: I have never experienced such a unimagineably horrific experience whilst visiting this particular "ye olde Ealing Hostlery". Both the staff and especially the "manager" consider it their own private room where customers are considered a hindrance on the erstwhile lives of customers. Bring back the pub please Fullers! (25/01/08)





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