The Tabard
2 Bath Rd
Greater London
W4 1LN
020 8994 3492


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The Tabard  

This is a student type pub with an Oxford style makeover.

From the outside it would seem that the interior should be bathed with light due to the high number of windows. however, this is not the case as it can appear a little dark in places, but this adds to the cosy nature of its ambience.

You can enter either through the central double doors opposite the bar or via the side entrance where the beer garden is situated on the roadside. Also here is the entrance to the theatre upstairs. Here they hold small plays on a frequent basis, though check for details if making a special journey.

The pub has many nooks and crannies and even a sunken pseudo wooden medieval seating area with fake wagon wheel candelabras hanging from the ceiling.

There is an eating room to the left of the front entrance which is pleasant and comfortable with dark wood square tables and chairs. The main bar area is squashed around the almost complete oval bar on three 'edges'.

A fireplace is near the food area, though you can eat throughout the pub should you wish. In front of the bar is more cramped and is really a walk way with service area at a couple of 'serveries' between pillars. the left hand area has an original tiled area (designed by Walter Crane) up high on the boarder. These are well worth studying for their images.

Beers on at the time were Adnams Broadside, Greene King IPA, Greene King Abbot, BASS and Pedigree. All were served with or without the sparkler, though make sure they top up your pint as they served short measures every time. Also prices can be high for non-Londoners - £2.90 a pint.

Food is served here, though check for times as they vary. Choice is good and imaginative, though limited for vegetarians as usual. Prices match other London pubs.

Access for the disabled is possible, though getting between bar areas can be difficult.

Tube stop just round the corner - Turnham Green.



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Adnams Broadside
Greene King IPA
Greene King Abbot



Swan Guest House
17 Thornton Avenue
Chiswick, London, W4 1QE
(020) 8994 2870.
S: £40, D: £80