The Swan Inn
86 Wood Street
L1 4DQ
(0151) 709 5281.


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The Swan Inn  

This is a back street rockers pub which also seems to attract other fairly diverse clients with a 'cocktail' bar upstairs.

Usually very busy, it stocks Marstons Pedigree, Oak Wobbly Bob and Owd Roger together with up to four guests and a handpulled cider.

The Rock jukebox hasn't had it's records changed since the mid-70's and features loads of classics though some, more modern hits have been brought in to replace something that has worn out! The music is always very, very loud and can be heard from halfway down the street.

Friday is curry night (though they normally only do lunches) and for those with a hangover on Sunday morning they serve breakfasts too.



Old Rosie... if u want to get hammered do the Old Rosie cider something like 8%. Really cool atmosphere even if you aren't a rocker.. me and my mates regularly go in on our crawls and nobody looks at you funny coz you haven't piercings out of your scrotum or whatever! (Matt Kilner)

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