Olde Tavern 22 Victoria Road edge of town
(01544) 231384.


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Olde Tavern  

The pub is of outstanding heritage that it's a must. This pub alone represents old Kington as it is caught in a time warp. There are two rooms and one small bar (though there is a serving hatch for the larger room). Toilets are outside and can be very cold in winter - not for the feint hearted. The small bar is where the locals congregate as there is a fire to warm yourself on. This room is full of odd things like half a fox and beavers head on the walls. There are also old darts lists and letters etc. pinned up - very much a ripping yarn locals pub and you are guaranteed to be starred at. Seating is at traditional basic tables and chairs. The second room has tall pew seats (used as partitions) and others cut out of large barrels - quite dark and due to the height of the furniture, feels small. No food is served at all and neither is there any music. Out front there is a porch with seats and a small window, very snug. Situated on the edge of Victoria road it's not far from a roundabout. Access for the disabled is limited due to the narrow bars and toilets outside and up a step. No accommodation here



Now serving Dun Plowman beers. 







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Church House
Church Road, Kington
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