The Lord Nelson Inn
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The Lord Nelson Inn  

Licensed since 1653 and completely renovated in November 1996, this charming old inn with its wealth of oak beams and barrels behind the bar, offers the discerning customer a different experience in the centre of Ipswich. With a large range of well kept Adnams ales, a huge fireplace, traditional wooden tables and an array of naval ornaments on show, this pub/restaurant is steeped in history and a must to visit. There is a non-smoking restaurant area where a good range of popular food is served 7 days a week. They also cater for business lunches or family evening meals and are more than happy to accommodate your office party. Call proprietor Don Williamson and sort it out. Conveniently located in the centre of Ipswich and opposite the docks, the Lord Nelson Inn is easy to find. A sample of the food is: Homemade soup ?1.95, Smoked salmon & scrambled eggs ?3.95, Rib eye steak ?6.95, Suffolk pub steak pie ?4.95, Sausage & mash ?4.50, (for veggies Creamy Pesto Pasta Spirals ?3.95, Mushroom Stroganoff ?4.50). Food is served Monday to Saturday 11.30 - 2.30 and 6-9.30, Sunday 12-2.30. There is accommodation here from single ?22, double ?38 per room, per night.



I was shocked that a Pub could change so much in less that ten years. I am shocked that whoever owns this poor establishment was allowed to brutally ruin the interior. If you imagine that this place is the place for a friendly drink then get a membership of the marina first - I was treated [badly] by the majority of the punters. There was also a woman in a motorised wheelchair who had to put up with the **** being ripped out of her by a number of drinkers and one of the staff. Of course I am sure that if I was one of the Neptune Quay set then it would be very nice. The Lord Nelson stands as an example of what happens when a small number of wealthy [people] turn up in an area, take it over and then want to entertain themselves in a laddish working class manner. Ten years ago they would have been kicked up Fore Street by the regulars! (26/4/03)

The pub has a naval theme - organised around the name 'Lord Nelson'. It's a shame, therefore, that the recurring menu items with 'Trafalgar' in the name are consistently misspelled as 'Trafalger'. Perhaps the pub should be renamed to the 'Lord Nelsen'. (14/7/2003)

The Lord Nelson, contrary to previous opinions has a nice mix of locals and more financially astute visitors.?The pub has a friendly atmosphere and everyone is warmly greeted. The food is excellent and very cheap and the beer is varied and good. The staff welcome new visitors regardless of where they have come from. Perhaps the previous commenter should throw off his working class chip and just enjoy the atmosphere rather than giving it unjust labels. (3/12/03)





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