The Fat Cat
288 Spring Rd
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Mon-Sat 12-11 (11-11 Sat), Sun 12-10.30  



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The Fat Cat  

What can you say about a pub like this, other than it has to be the best in Ipswich and Suffolk. You can get up to 20 real ales at any one time in a friendly atmosphere that eases away tensions. Although it does very basic food and I mean basic, it does allow you to go across the road and get a take-away to bring in. In the end we had a picnic, well why not, it allowed us to stay longer and drink more beer! Situated on the brow of a steep hill, there is no parking whatsoever on Spring Road, except one maybe two spaces on the pub forecourt (see photo) - try Upland Rd round the corner. From the outside the Fact Cat looks innocuous, but once inside you are in a wood - wood floors, wood partitions, wood walls, bar, stools (at the bar) tables, chairs, etc. This gives it a friendly, relaxed feel without the Firkin fear of rowdy youth. Too many beers on at time of visit to list, but if you know the sister pub in Norwich, then you know you are in for a treat. They also serve a selection of Belgian bottled beers, a real cider and fruit wines. There are two entrances to the pub, both at the front. The entrance on the right is more direct to the bar, neither here nor there really. There are at least three distinct drinking areas in the pub. The bar is to the left and is dark wood with bar stools and an overhang. Chalk boards above give you details of the beer choice. Most beers are served direct from the stillage in the cellar behind the bar, so don't go looking for 20 hand pumps. All beers were perfect and no need to ask for the sparkler off either! The other two areas here are seating with benches and tables. The walls are covered with old pub memorabilia. The toilets are here too, they are clean and basic. By the way, access for the disabled is difficult as there are steps to the pub - click photo to enlarge. They have built a conservatory at the back which is light and airy and surprisingly big. There are however, only four tables out here - of the big old kitchen variety with benches and chairs round them. So be prepared to share your intimacy with others. As there is no music or fruit machines, the sound of other people's conversation is all you have. There is a beer garden out back with grass and you are welcome to camp on it if you ask in advance. Children welcome if well behaved. Access by rail is possible if you get off at Derby Rd. An excellent place to stop and on summer Sunday afternoons, they usually hold BBQ's in the garden. Also try the Milestone Beer House at the bottom (town end) of Woodbridge Rd.








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Up to 20 guest ales. 



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