Baron of Hinckley
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Baron of Hinckley  

Another of the Wetherspoon pubs cropping up in a real ale desert (OK it does a lot of Pedigree and Burton). This time in a narrow old shop on the main street. Quite a walk from the railway station, but manageable.

The narrow frontage gives way to the deepness of the pub with a raised area at the rear. This has steps and is no good for the disabled. However, there are disabled facilities on the ground floor, everyone else has to climb the stairs to the 'roof', or so it seems.

The décor is traditional Wetherspoon, so it is reassuring when in a different place, however, it can get a little samey. The only hint that you are in Hinckley are the framed history pictures and text on the walls.

The bar is close to the door and there are some pillars near by to lean on and sit around. The food is excellent as always, though portions are getting smaller and the beer is a real tribute to Martin's desire to have real ale in his pubs.

At the weekends it can get very busy with the bottle crowd and so think 20 deep at the bar - not the place for a quiet drink. Good if you like to people watch young girls and boys getting off their faces and making fools of themselves. That aside I would still recommend you visit at sensible times as it's a welcome stop off.



Hinckley cannot be described as a beer desert. The majority of pubs belong to Marston's & they all sell real ales. (Alan)

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