35 High Street
High Wycombe
HP11 2AG
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Another of the Hobgoblin pubs that caters for the younger clientele. A student pub basically, just a few doors down from the Wetherspoon. Inside the low ceiling leads to two levels (the disabled can get in the back through the beer garden, but only to the lower area). The bar faces you as you enter, though you can get served along the side, as the bar actually extends into the lower level of the pub. There is seating on both levels, a mixture of pews, benches and chairs. Tables come in all sizes and shapes, though on a busy night there is no room to move or sit. On the walls are old pictures of brewing and stuff, and there are a couple of glass cabinets promoting the Wychwood Brewery products. There are usually three or four Wychwood beers on tap including their specials. The music is kept quiet during the day so conversation is possible, but there is more noise at night. A good place to have a drink and a bite to eat, though the food is not expansive (at least on this visit). On Monday nights there is the "funniest pub quiz". Try it and see. Not far from the station. No accommodation here



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Millview Bed and Breakfast, 148 London Road, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP11 1DQ. (01494) 451474. Prices: single: £35, double: £50 per room per night