Travellers Rest
on A591
(015394) 35604.


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Travellers Rest  

This is a family run pub and only has a small bar, but a large real fire to keep you warm when the wind howls outside.

A 16th-century pub it is situated just north of Grasmere on the A591. Despite the small bar there is lots of eating space but meals are only served all day from Easter to October.

Food is good and wholesome and good value too around 7.

Beers on at the time were Jennings Snecklifter, Cumberland Ale, Bitter and Marstons Pedigree.

There is a separate games room up some steps to the left as you enter.

For the summer there is a beer garden with great views of the surrounding area.

Accommodation is two cottages nearby single 30, double 52-57. Also owned by the landlord is the King's Head 6 miles north.



As an ex staff member at the Travellers Rest Inn I would like to comment on this well respected establishment. 1. Wait staff are employed over the phone and offered a salary of 200p/w (incl board and food) but when they arrive at the 'rest' the salary is downsized to 130 pounds p/w. 2. Wait and Housekeeping staff are regularly verbally abused by chef's and management - usually used as a way to download stress on the lesser staff members as they are deemed more indispensable than the highly paid staff who 'matter'. 3. The accommodation that is given to staff is dirty and unsafe, a 6 bedroom house with one bathroom accommodating as little as 15 people at any given time, often the plumbing gives way forcing staff to urinate in either the Beck or (for the females) the toilet block by the bus stop. Sometimes showers are only possible should management allow them access to the quarters above the hotel. 4. Past checks are rarely carried out often subjecting staff members to violent and frightening situations in the staff quarters. (contact supplied)

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Jennings Snecklifter
Cumberland Ale
Marstons Pedigree.



Here. Alternative: The Swan (0870 4009191 for booking).