The Clockwork Beer Co.
1153/55 Cathcart Road
G42 9HB
(0141) 649 0184.


Mon-Sat 11-11, Sun 12-3; 7-10.30  



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The Clockwork Beer Co.  

Glasgow's first brew pub is a short train ride from Central Station - get off at Mount Florida. The pub does a complete range of their own beers (see the boxout) plus it does a range of 6 guest ales. This is a massive achievement as they also sell an extensive range of German and Belgian beers. On top of this they have a no smoking area and can have kids in until 8pm. Good wholesome food is served all day at reasonable prices for a big city. No accommodation here.

Also try: Counting House, 2 St Vincent Place. 3 Judges, 141 Dumbarton Rd



In addition to the accurate review, I'd like to add that the Clockwork is also one of the very few pubs in Glasgow that refrains from showing "Old Firm" matches, that is Rangers versus Celtic, and as such is a haven of sanity on what can be an insane day in Glasgow. It also welcomes with open arms the colourful and eccentric sight of the Scottish Claymores American football fans on several Sundays during their summer season. (David Mclean)

As a cardholder for the Clockwork Beer Co I was surprised recently at the increase in prices at this establishment. Prices were previously at a premium however you only get what you pay for and Clockwork does offer great facilities and is a very nice place in which to drink and eat. Staff are excellent and I feel that what it offers is unique in this area. However a 15p per pint increase in prices is the biggest single increase in prices that I have ever experienced at any pub. This is regrettable as I will be unable to visit Clockwork as often as I had previously. The price for a pint of Tennents lager is now ? 2.40/ ?2.26 with the card. There is no discount on a pint of Stella and at ? 2.70 a pint these prices rival city centre establishments. A shame that such a good pub is, for this customer, pricing itself out of the market. I wish all at Clockwork well. (Joe Mullaney, 2003)

Only a ruddy moan could point out a 15 pence hike-up in some obscure drink without pointing out that I bought a round for three today and had change from a fiver. Gi'es a break, Jimmy. Robin is running a great pub. (Gus Mccaig, 1/11/03)

It's a great pub, with a really good atmosphere. We often go with the children, for a meal, as it caters exceptionally well for families (especially when the owner is present). The only thing I would ask the owner to consider is the provision of more toilets. At present, many of the male patrons, instead of using the gents' toilets, (which are upstairs), tend to use the "baby changing" toilets. Many of them are still smoking cigarettes, cigars or pipes when they go in - not very pleasant if you have to go in afterwards to change your child's nappy! (3/11/03)

The Clockwork has a Gents toilet downstairs, which the moan has seemingly missed. (10/1/04)

Good pub but shame about the noise of children on a Sunday.?Why anyone would want to bring a baby to a pub is anyone's guess. I'm sure the cigarette smoke etc would be bad for the baby as well as the noise and smell from a baby being bad for the adult who just wants a quiet Sunday drink. (Johnny Barr, 15/4/04)

I think it is about time someone gets realistic here. Yes the Clockwork has a great range of beers, probably the most on tap in the entire city, and yes it has great premium beers also, but the prices for non-Clockwork pints are up there with the Merchant City, and the food is distinctly less than average quality when compared to other similarly expensive gaffs across the city. And yes this is a regular writing! (4/7/04)





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Amber IPA 3.8%
Oatmeal Stout 4.2%
Forest Fruits 5%
Weisse Beer 4.8%
plus 6 guests.



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