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The Castle Inn  

The Castle Inn, also known as The Round Tower, or Radway Tower, lies on the summit of Edgehill, some 700ft above sea level. Building work on the eight-sided tower started in 1742 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Edgehill, opening in September 1750 on the anniversary of Oliver Cromwell's death.

The tower marks the spot where, on the afternoon of Sunday 23 October 1642, King Charles I raised his standard and summoned his officers about him to prepare for the first major battle of the English Civil War.

In the bars reminders of the Civil War years are plentiful - muskets, halberds, breastplates, maps and paintings adorn the walls. This folly and copy of Warwick Castle built has beautiful views from the garden. Every year members of the Sealed Knot, the English Civil War re-enactment society stop here for a drink. They also do re-enactments at Upton House, the local National Trust property

There are two rooms a bar and a lounge. Both are pleasant and the same small bar serves both. The beers are all from Hook Norton including their seasonal range. There are country wines and cider available for those not interested in beer. Seating is a bench around the wall, including the church style window seat which is cosy for two. Round tables and stools compliment the bijou nature of the lounge bar. On the walls are many bits of memorabila from the civil war - all glued/tied down to deter treasure hunters. Bar stools can restrict access to being served at busy times. The bar has a pool table but serves the same great range of beers. You can get to the bar from inside and outside this ivy covered pub. Food is served here both lunch and evenings and on Sunday's until about 6.30pm. It is traditional but plentiful though priced for the civil war tourist trade, though this might change soon. There is accommodation here. Worth a stop off, though park in the car park on the road opposite the pub. Do not be tempted to drive down to the pub as there is little room here to manoeuvre.



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