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The Standing Order  

This is a J. D. Wetherspoon pub and is nicer than the usual refurbishment as it is situated in the old Nat West bank dating back to the 1800s. consequently it has a nice high ceiling (30 - 40 ft) which gives it an airy feeling even when busy on a Saturday night and it does get busy - be prepared to push.

During the week however, it is a great place to eat lunch as it has two areas, one non-smoking where you can eat in clean air. This is the low ceiling bit and has traditional tables and some booths.

The main (central) bar area has traditional booths with bookshelves on the walls behind. The books are obscure, but that's so you wont steal them. I'm not sure you would be allowed to read them either.

The menu is the same as the other pubs in the group, but that means wholesome, if a little too much emphasis on garlic with everything. The third area is the entrance hall, here you can sit at tables, or stand at leaning posts and feel a little less open to view than in the main area.

Disabled access is good with a ramp up to the entrance with the proviso of a busy Saturday night.

The usual beers have been described as insipid as they are usually too cold and comprise Youngers Scotch and Theakstons Best. However, like all Wetherspoons, they have a guest beer available most times. Yes that's right, only one guest usually, and not always available, especially on Saturday night. Try it anyway, you might be pleasantly surprised.

No music here and none of those irresponsible fruit machines, and at least three beer festivals a year.



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beer, food, disabled access, no smoking, kids, real cider, vegetarian 


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up to 4 guest ales. 



Chuckles Guest House
48 Crompton Street
DE1 1NX. (01332) 367193
Single £30, Double £45-50.