Punch Bowl Inn
off A5074
3 miles south of Windermere
(01539) 568237.


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Punch Bowl Inn  

This pub is quite easy to find. Crosthwaite is near Kendal and Windermere.

The revitalised Punch Bowl Inn stands on an unclassified road between Kendal and Windermere. The area around Crosthwaite is delightful, the Lyth Valley is particularly beautiful during damson blossom time.

Inside, there is an endless number of rooms which includes a balcony. There is wall-to-wall carpeting adding a touch of luxury to what might seem rather Spartan surroundings. Framed and signed menus from some of Europe's top chefs suggest that something gastronomically serious is going on here. The real ales are good and plentiful.

The chef/proprietor Steven Doherty once worked at Le Gavroche which makes his cooking wonderful. The prices are not too steep either and you don't have to wear a tie to get in.

The Punch Bowl Inn is a very easy-going pub. The food is rustic but sophisticated. Dishes available at the time were garbure b'arnaise, cod bonne femme and chicken schnitzel. There is hot goats' cheese salad and roasted beetroot and button onions, roasted tuna steak cooked in sesame oil with a soy and ginger sauce accompanied by whole-wheat noodles. Desserts range from tarte Tatin to expertly crafted floating islands. Food is served 12-2 & 6-9. On Sunday there is a special lunch menu which provides outstanding value for two or three courses.

There are also 20 wines available.

There is particularly good wheelchair access.

For summer there is a patio and a no-smoking area.

Music is off too.

There is accommodation here - not cheap.



None as yet.

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