The Beer Engine
35 Far Gosford Street
West Midlands
0247 6267239


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The Beer Engine  


The pub has recently changed hands and been given a face lift although I was told more work was to be done in the near future. There's an art gallery at the back of the pub, with local work often changing and a piano sat at the end of the pub, a young girl was pottering about on this for a while.

Other than this, a wide range of music was offered from behind the bar and my tastes were considered while chatting to the new landlord and lady.

The bar is situated on the right as you come in, and toilets were on the left just past the bar.

The pub was clean and warm although the toilets were a bit chilly.

I thought I'd just missed out on food service, as food is served between 12 and 3, but the landlady rustled me up a sandwich saying I'd only got away with it because the kitchen had only just closed!

There is a pub dog called "Mutley", very friendly but seemed to favour sleeping in the most inconvenient places in the pub!

Good quality beer, full pint served with a smile! The glass was thoroughly washed before I got my pint. I was even allowed to "try before I buy". The beers are ever changing with the exception of Black Sheep.

Although I missed my chance at the full menu selection, and couldn't have the shepherd's pie which sounds great, I had a bacon and egg sandwich.

A clean pub and made to feel very welcome, even though it was my first visit.



The Beer Engine - Great pub, 5 guest ales plus black sheep on tap as well as Belgian bottled beers. Live music every Saturday night and on Tuesdays and Thursdays every other week. (Frank - 12/9/05)

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