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The George and Dragon Hotel  

Situated on the A149, you can look out for the very prominent Wind Mill complete with sails. The pub had just had a week of renovation (7.8.01) and the decor was both tasteful and yet sympathetic to the age of this graceful old pub/hotel. The layout of the pub made it feel slightly more of a restaurant than a pub but don't let that put you off; the food is the best for miles around! Dropping in for pint is still possible, as the taproom still exists into which the disabled access functioned very well. The disabled access then went through to the rest of the pub and restaurant with out any obstructions. I suspect that the toilets are not quite as accessible for wheelchairs. A gas log effect was designed into the wall of the taproom and the bar staff are the friendliest I have met in a long time. A great experience! The new landlord had literally taken over the pub the night we arrived. He worked extremely hard and made us feel very welcome. However, he will need to work even harder on getting the beers up to scratch. I suppose it is a sign of our times that pubs need to change to survive. It's hard to imagine pubs in remote areas making a sustainable living if they don't sell food. I accept all that but my opinion is if you ARE going to do food it should be enjoyable, interesting, well prepared and value for money. The George has it all! We ate their three nights in a row and this was not our original aim. Following considerable research on local real ale and a meal establishments (enjoyable work) we found the menus boring, similar and everything with chips! However, The George has probably one of the best chef's on the Norfolk coast. The meals on the 'Specials board' are so popular you have to arrive early to ensure you get one. The staff are interested and charming, the speed of service is very good. the chairs a little uncomfortable, but the landlord informs me new kit is on it's way. The best food in a real ale pub for miles around! Food is served up to 9.00pm in the evening. The best was the friendly staff, the excellent food and that The George is in the heart if the best bird spotting country in the UK. Cley Marshes are world famous for the birds attracted and we spotted a fantastic list. Even a Marsh harrier! Our bedroom looked out over the marshes. Worst was the new landlord needs to get the accommodation to the standard of the food and pub/restaurant decor. Duvets should replace the bedding, headboards should stay attached to the beds and more importantly the beers should be in better condition. Perhaps consider a guest beer? (Chris Smith)



We have been visiting Norfolk for many years, in fact my roots have always been there, my father coming from Holkham. We were both shocked and upset by what had been done to the George when we last visited in August 2001. We had asked some friends to come and join us having raved on about the place for years. We were staggered by the change. To us Norfolk is a place of total originality and unspoilt beauty. The George as it is now is neither of these. To get rid of the fascinating bird spotting lectern is sacrilege, Also to replace the comfortable seating with what appears to be glorified railway waiting room seats likewise.We were so gobsmacked! To have such a wonderful place and to do such a thing to it! Also there were many amazing pictures on the walls of the place relating to the '53 floods which say so much about the very heart of the place which is Cley and to find them gone is a travesty of the first order.I appreciate that you will read this and write me off as a total moron that is your prerogative but I can assure you I am only concerned about a lovely place which seems to be in danger of being totally ruined. I am an educated person, 45 years of age and very disappointed by what you have done to a lovely pub. When we were in there last summer at the height of the season at a time when the place would have been throbbing in the past, it was deserted. This must tell you something. (18/07/02)

I totally agree with the comments above regarding the changes made to the decor of what was a pub with character and local interest. I can imagine that thousands of Twitchers and coast-path walkers will have frequented this pub over the years as a place to meet, share their experiences and have a good pint and a meal. Now it is no more than an empty, characterless, trendy restaurant. I moved to North Norfolk a few years ago and have been delighted by the unique pubs I have discovered (also serving excellent beer), I hope the changes made in The George & Dragon at Cley-next-the-Sea are not a sign of things to come - pub chains!! urghh!! (2003)

Having visited all of the pubs in the area, the George offers something for every body. Last August 2002, the George was featured in the Independent's best 50 village pubs in the UK! I was perplexed by the last 2 comments, thus I had to email my opinions. The George is still patronised by the birding fraternity, however there is now an appeal to an eclectic mix of folk. When the pub changed hands, the lectern, bird pictures & items were kept by the previous landlord! Furthermore, all of the 1953 photos of the floods in Cley are all on show in the village bar. The landlord is from Norfolk, has a degree in History and is completely committed to local interest and has assured me that the renovations were needed to be made, rather than change for change sake! The food is fresh, service excellent and a larger than ever range of real ales now, Woodfordes, Greene King, Adnams & Buffys. By the way, the pub was packed! (27/3/03)





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