Grouse Inn
just off A5.


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Grouse Inn  

This pub is just off the A5 at the end of the line for the Llangollen Railway - a preserved line. You have to go past the station an over the river Dee where you will see the whitewashed Grouse and its large beer garden up on the hill. The car park is to the rear through a narrow entrance. Inside there are three distinct rooms though only one bar (and one server when visited). The smallest room is the pool and darts room. This requires two steps up and there are fruit machines too. The second smaller room is decked out in ‘tea shop’ style with those filled frames for sale on the wall. A Bells whiskey display fills one window sill and a blue milk churn covered in decoupage sits in a corner. Tables and chairs are plain wood and are usually set out for food. the bar area itself has a bay window next to the small overhanging bar. The beers are all J. W. Lees including the lager - best was the only ale on at the time, but it tasted rather nice. The food is of the usual rural pub type, pizzas, chips, chicken in a basket, etc. All at a reasonable price too. The beer garden is a large patio area of paving slabs with wooden picnic tables and umbrellas. There are steps into the pub whichever way you look at it so not good for the disabled. No accommodation here. The Grouse attracts a lot of tourists from the surrounding area where walking and cycling in plentiful. Can get busy.



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