Thomas Sykes
Anglesey Road
Burton Upon Trent
DE14 3PF
(01283) 510246






Thomas Sykes  


This is another classic pub style that is all too often discarded by the need to make things look uniform. Housed in the former stables and shed of the old Thomas Sykes Brewery (set back a ways from the ring road), this can be a daunting place to 'pop' into if you are not aware of the delights inside. A small step down and you enter through an old warehouse style door to a second door to your left (the bar) and another to the right (the snug). The bar area has a cobbled floor and slopes up to the bar and the portable gas heater for winter. There are some tables and chairs here, but not too many - note the anvil table. The decor is olde worlde and reminiscent of how it must have looked 50 years ago, right down to the need for a lick of paint and the kinda dirty look - if you understand what I mean. The bar is a Heath Robinson affair set in the far corner across the triangle of it. The whole thing looks put together for a fiver. Now some of you may think that a criticism, but I think it shows an emphasis on serving good beer rather than worrying about padded chairs, etc. However, it did put off a couple in our group. The bar extends in a long finger down to the right to get to the hatch which is the service area for the snug. Children are allowed in here till 8.30. Tables and chairs dominate and it is small enough to feel private when on your own. Toilets are interesting, but you have to see it in context of the pub. It sort of reminds me of the Cow and Plough in Oadby before it got refurbished. There is also a function room where they hold twice yearly beer festivals. In the summer you can sit out in the old brewery yard. No food here and no accommodation. This pub is actually under threat of closure by the council - they want to build on the land. It might not be there after March, so go while you can and get a bit of real community in yer.

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