Garden Bar
131-133 St James Street
BB11 1PD
(01282) 423226.


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Garden Bar  

This pub resembles a shop front as you walk up to it. It is the only Lees outlet in East Lancashire and only serves Lees Bitter and no other ale at all. There are two areas/bars. The first is accessed through the main doors on to a bare floor with some booth type seating at the windows. The second bar is down a step towards the toilets. There now follows a warning. The clientele for this pubs changes throughout the day and the week. During the day it tend to be more mature customers lingering over a pint. In the evenings and on Sunday it attracts the local gay scene, you have been warned what to expect. However, no guide told me to expect to be served by a man who had more needle marks in his arm that my old aunt Edna's pin cushion. That was a shock and put me off my pint wondering where I had turned up. There is food served here at lunchtimes only, mainly to catch any shop/office workers who haven't gone to the local Wetherspoons on Manchester Road. At the end of the High Street, the Garden bar has an old fashioned feel to it and is worth a look if you fancy a Lees Bitter at a good price. Toilets are basic. No accommodation here.








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