Highbury Vaults
164 St Michael's Hill
(0117) 9733203.


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Highbury Vaults  

This is a students and staff pub very close to the university of Bristol. It has two bars, but the small one is just that. The larger bar reminds you of a firkin with lots of dark wood floors and furniture. Many benches - not padded and tall wooden partitions to give an olde worlde feel. Out back is a covered patio area, but the view is of a brick wall. Inside lighting levels are low, low, low! This is made up for by the lack of music so you can talk to your friends. Pub has different levels and is a climb to get out to the beer garden, so not good for the disabled. Toilets are also down a flight of stairs. Beer choice is very good. On at the time were Smiles Golden, Best, Heritage, Brains SA, Greene King Hair Raiser, Bunces Sign of Spring, plus two others. This range is available all through the week. Food is served lunch times and up to 8.30 Mon-Fri. can get smokey. No accommodation here.








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Brains SA
Smiles Best
plus guests.



The Washington Hotel
St Pauls Road, Clifton
Bristol, BS8 1LX
(0117) 9733980.
S:£50, D:£60