York Tavern
Newport Street
Greater Manchester.
(01204) 383892.


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York Tavern  

This is a Burtonwood pub in the heart of Bolton. A single room pub situated opposite the bus station, made out of many smaller ones (two terrace houses). Victorian inside, Tudor looking outside. It has a large marble fireplace with a large mirror above set in red and grey/blue carpet throughout. There are two dartboards and thriving teams. There is also a pool table in a small screened off area. A CD jukebox plays loud music which is free. Tables are set round the edges and are the small round wood and metal variety. There are only stools to sit on, though there are benches/settles against the walls. Plenty of space in the centre of the room for standing (Fri and Sat nights). On the walls is wood paneling which can get oppressive at times. In one corner is a TV for sports events. Beers on at the time were all Burtonwood: Tophat, Forshaws, Advent Ale (I received an incredulous laugh when asking for the sparkler to be taken off?). Bolton is not busy during the week (due to the councils wishes), its almost a ghost town. The weekend gets busy though. It can get smoky even when not busy. OK for wheelchairs. Near the rail station. No accommodation here.



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Bolton Moat House Hotel
1 Higher Bridge Street
Bolton, BL1 2EW
(01204) 879988.
S:£80, D:£100 per room