The Railway Hotel
Oakfield Street
DT11 7EX
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The Railway Hotel  

This pub sits off the main drag through the town and is a free house. It usually serves a couple of guests at any one time. But it also has regular beer festivals where there are 32 ales in the stables outside.

The pub has steps into it from the side and front. Inside it has that modern - and I hate to say this - sterilised feel in the main bar which has been done out in the usual pine and chrome. The back seating area still has the traditional pub feel and you can walk behind the bar to the toilets without going through the bar if you wish.

They serve bar snacks daily and have sports TV on a lot. For an evening they have live music and traditional pub games.

As I was here during the beer festival - which was very good by the way - the main bar was devoid of ale and seemed to be full of bottle swigging youth. I'm sure this only happens at weekend evenings, so don't be put off giving it a try. There is also a function room for hire with full bar.



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