The Stour Inn
5 Blandford St. Mary
Blandford Forum
DT11 9LH
01258 451276


Mon-Sat 11-11, Sun 12-3; 7-10.30  



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The Stour Inn  

This is a perfectly charming pub on the very edge of Blandford town centre just across the river. From the outside the duck egg blue is a perfectly calming experience.

You enter through a low and narrow door into a small bar area right in front of you. The bar is tiny and you need to be patient to get served at busy times. Thankfully the service is good and the staff try to keep everyone happy. The beers naturally come from Badger and were well kept in tip top form on the day of visit. There is not much of a choice for the non beer drinker, though they do wine. There are some stools at the bar and dark wood tables along the wall to the right. Look up and see the large jug collection above you. There is a fireplace next to the bar, which can really warm you up in winter.

The bar gives way to a drinking area on the left where there are nicely padded benches and tables with stools. The walls are covered with wood panelling and only lit with low wattage bulbs. Through here you can go out into the gardens in the summer.

The toilets are also in this area. If you fancy a brewery visit, it is literally just round the corner, but you must stop off here to try the lunches they put on - served at weekends too.

Sadly there is no accommodation here, but there is plenty in Blandford itself.



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