Six Bells
Church Street
Bishops Castle
(01588) 638403.


Mon-Sat 12-2.30 (not Mon), 5-11, Sat 12-11, Sun 12  



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Six Bells  

Situated at the end of the 'town' opposite the church, this traditional old pub is full of charm and character. Two rooms/bars, the lounge on the left as you enter has two large settles (red, 1 leather, 1 cloth), a window seat and Mexican decor (red walls) with wooden floors. For tables they have the (old fashioned) kitchen variety with chairs. You can see why they need large tables when they bring out the food - plenty of it. The bar in here is very small and more like a hatch with hops over it. A big stone fireplace and log burner warms the room well in winter. Food is served "any time the kitchen is open", though there are set times. The menu is good (mainly snacks) with strange and esoteric choices available at the weekend (shark, etc). There is a great vegetarian breakfast throughout the week. Sunday lunch is served 12-2pm; 12-1pm through the week and 6-8 (Fri), 7-9 (Sat). Snacks are cheap at ?3.95 mostly, weekend food being more expansive is about ?7 average and upwards. The public bar to right of entrance has a bare floor and log burner too in a huge walk in fireplace. A larger bar serves 4 of their own brews, Big Nev, Cloud Nine, Old Recumbent, Marathon, all served to perfection. Disabled access is OK, though space in the lounge is at a premium and the toilets are not as easy to access as you might like. Outside is a beer garden for the summer, no music is played anywhere in the pub. No accommodation here








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Big Nev
Cloud Nine
Old Recumbent



Boars Head Hotel
Church Street, Bishops Castle
Shropshire, SY9 5AE
(01588) 638521.
S:?38, D:?60 prpn.