Black Eagle
16 Factory Road
nr Soho House Museum
West Midlands
B18 5JU
(0121) 523 4008.


Mon-Thu 11.30-3, 5.30-11, Fri 11.30-11, Sat 12-3, 7-11, Sun 12-3  



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The Black Eagle  

This is a very busy pub for food and it is always advisable to book in advance (12-9.30 when open). All food is home-made and the portions are large. Prices for food are around the £7 mark.

The pub is not far from the Metro (Soho Benson Rd stop), about 800 meters and is next to a car workshop in a less than salubrious part of town. However, small scale engineering is part of Birmingham's history and this shouldn't put you off finding out the Black Eagle.

Inside the pub has at least four distinct areas and an 'L' shaped bar that cuts through three of them. Upon entering the central doorway you are presented with the bar or the lounge. The bar is traditional, with bare floors. The first part of the lounge area is small with a number of round tables and chairs and there is a small bar area here with a couple of hand pulls. The bar throughout is of dark wood with an overhang. Access to the garden is also in this section and it was here that the beer festival was held in June (8 beers).

The next section of the lounge is larger with both square and round tables and bay window area which has bench padded seating and round tables. The walls have old pictures and there are some CAMRA awards too. The toilets are here for the whole pub and disabled access is not really possible (also a step into the pub).

The last section of the lounge is a long area at the rear of the pub with square tables and a mixture of benches and chairs. The décor here is much 'heavier' than the rest of the pub, mainly due to the dark carpet and 'brass' on the walls - nets too!

The garden has some plastic seating and is shaded.

The beers usually on are nothing special - Ansells Mild, Pedigree - but they also are more than likely to have a Beowulf beer and Taylors Landlord on. All are well kept, though ask them for the sparkler to be removed and you get some funny looks.

The atmosphere here is friendly and the landlord can always be picked out by his waistcoat and trousers, that and he's quite tall.

No accommodation here, try in the centre.



They hold a beer festival in July.

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Beowulf Beer
Taylor's Landlord
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