The Malthouse
75 Kings Edwards Road
Brindley Place
West Midlands
B1 2NX
(0121) 633 4171.


Mon-Sat 11-11; Fri-Sat 11-1, Sun 12-10.30  



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The Malthouse  

The place where Bill Clinton waved from the balcony. Set on the corner of two canals near the NIA and the ICC. To get to it you walk down the canal side opposite the Sea Life Centre. When we went there was only Marston's Pedigree and no food choice other than what was on the board (5 choices), at least one was a vegetarian choice. The pub has plenty of space and is decked out in the usual chintz from a pub group with no taste and no idea of the many types of people who visit pubs. We didn't stop, but I can't see why you wouldn't want to stay. On a good day there is plenty of food choice at a slightly higher price than real pubs. Try The Prince of Wales up the road. No accommodation here.



I arrived at 1150 and sat down outside the pub to await opening. When I got back to my car at approx. 1310, it had been clamped - at 1155, which was 'outside licensing hours' by 5 minutes (although said 'licensing hours' were not displayed in the car park). Remonstrating with the manager saved me the ?95!!! unclamping fee, but I'm left wondering what would have happened if they'd clamped Bill Clinton's stretch limo and been confronted by FBI guys with their hands in inside jacket pockets. So, Bill may have waved from here, but I and everyone I communicate with will henceforth waive the opportunity ever to darken the doors of this nasty, draconian pub again. (1/7/05)

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