Tap and Spile
City Centre
Gas Street
just of Broad Street
West Midlands
(0121) 632 5602.


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Tap and Spile  

Part of the Pubmaster group, the Tap and Spile pubs were a response to the Tut and Shive of Whitbread. Nevertheless, Pubmaster have found some very attractive buildings to house theirs in. the one in Gas St. is remarkable as it used to be part of narrow boat history and a grainstore. This is a split level pub with the larger drinking area downstairs which, because of its situation, is easily accessible by the disabled (though they have to walk a way to get a ramp down onto the now tarmac covered canal side walk). Outside the downstairs, is the Gas St basin canal mooring area, which is great in summer, but lousy in winter when its cold. Again the downstairs has different level flooring with steps and the toilets are at the far end up and down stairs for the disabled. The decor is tasteful wood as is the flooring and there is no loud music to distract. The walls are painted magnolia, so not very adventurous there. The upstairs is wood again with bench seating and a fireplace (not used). The Tap serves a wide range of changing guest beers, ever changing. On at the time were: Ruddles County; Elgoods Black Dog Mild; Woods Summer That; Batemans Flower Power; Everards Beacon; Fuggles; Boddingtons; and Cottage Golden Arrow. As Tap and Spiles are drinking establishments there is no accommodation and what there is in this area of town is pricey as the International Convention Centre is just down the road, as is the National Indoor Arena (2 mins walk if you crawl!). All in all a good addition to the pub and recreation development in what used to be a blighted area of Birmingham, but has now become THE 'nightspot' area of a weekend with more bars, pubs, eating places and nightclubs than you can shake a stick at.



This pub is closed at the moment. Punch have not let on what they are planning as yet. (May 2007)

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Bateman's Flower Power
Elgood's Black Dog Mild
Everads Beacon
Cottage Golden Arrow
Wood Summer That