The Old Joint Stock
Temple Row West
Opp Cathedral
West Midlands
B2 5NY
(0121) 200 1892


Mon-Sat 11, Sun 12-6  



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The Old Joint Stock  

This is an outpost for Fuller's ales, the only pub in the West Midlands selling the 'Chiswick' nectar.

The building was once a bank, hence the name. The exterior, with its restored stonework and impressive windows does not give the impression of a typical pub. The same can be said of its spectacular interior. Tastefully decorated with paintings and busts, there is a high ceiling with candelabras and a central dome. Comfortable seating and rooms for private functions, plus side stools for the casual drinker.

The bar is situated in the centre, with a magnificent carved wooden centrepiece. An upstairs seating area is matched by toilets and plenty of stairs.

The pub attracts a varied clientele; shop and office workers, businessmen and shoppers. All are made welcome by the friendly, uniformed staff.

The choice of food is good for meat eaters, but less so for vegetarians. Also the portions are small for the high prices they charge. However, the beer is what we were after and we weren't to be disappointed.

The full range of Fullers beers are nearly always available, including their seasonal specials, plus up to four guest beers.

Prices are not cheap, but are consistent with the area.

No access for the disabled.



None as yet.

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5 Fuller's ales
plus 4 guests