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A former drovers inn, the Greyhound has a beamed lounge bar area plus a small snug. Seating is at tables and chairs and some new settles. A quiet pub, there is plenty of conversation to be had both in side and outside in the beer garden in the summer. It has now turned into a food pub in the main with food being served lunchtimes and evening (not Sun). These are standard type meals as the Greyhound belongs to a large chain. While the choice and price are good a little more imagination wouldn't go amiss. However, the Greyhound is a beacon (no pun intended) in the local area for serving a good number of real ales. On this occasion we had Fuller's London Pride, Wadworth 6X and Chiltern Three Hundred Ale. The policy they cant seem to enforce is the no mobile phones one, two or three going off while we were there. Ultimately you cant stop progress, more's the pity. No accommodation here.



On one of my visits to this pub, the beer I was drinking was distinctly off due to dirty pipes. We took them back to the landlord to complain, and he was most disinterested and unhelpful. We had to buy another 2 pints of an alternative. Needless to say, we haven't been back.

I had the pleasure of working at The Greyhound when it was still run by husband-and-wife team Jamie and Wendy. Clearly I remember the pleasant atmosphere created by patrons and staff alike. Cellphones were strictly forbidden and I'd chuckle to myself when Jamie would embarrass some poor soul who had the unfortunate luck of an incoming call. Things sure were different back then...The Greyhound was well known for it's great food and great ales. I feel fortunate to have been there. And the Banoffee pie!.. I'm yet to eat anything better. (Adrian Huysamer - 25/9/04)





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London Pride
Wadworth 6X
Chiltern Three Hundred Ale.



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