Old Green Tree
12 Green Street
(01225) 462357.


Mon-Sat 11-11, Sun 7-10.30  



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Old Green Tree  

A small 3 roomed pub in the heart of Bath.

The lounge has nice seats while the smoke room can get crowded and has stools and small round tables. It also has books and pictures all around the walls which makes is seem more like a snug. A skylight however, gives it a little more 'room'. Another longer room (with a redundant fireplace and pictures on the walls) leads off from it, though it is not easy to get to when busy as you must pass the bar.

As such this pub cannot cater for wheelchairs, though recent legislation may change this - but this is an 'old' building and may have a listing on it.

The single bar serves all the rooms which in some way back on to it - the lounge part is the bar doorway and smoke room has a small servery. All have low wood and plaster ceilings and wood panelled walls. The dark brown colour though original, makes it a very dark pub even during the day.

The smoke room door has glass which slot open, probably for serving beer in ages past. Access is flat, though space is at a premium even when not busy.

Guest beers on at the time were: Wickwar BOB, RCH Pitchfork, Wye Valley Black Knight and Oakhill Black Majic Stout.

The floors are parquet wood blocks so don't spill your beer here. There is an abundance of handled beer glasses - straight ones not here!

The back bar is full with bottles and a fridge. Bar stools could cause a severe case of getting served frustration. Toilets are accessed from the smoke room and have many steps down to basic facilities.

Food is served here at lunch only (not Sunday as pub closed) and the back room is smoke free (if that is possible in such a small pub). Oh and you may have to dress to impress some nights.

Opening times 11-11pm during Mon-Sat; 7-10.30pm Sun.

No accommodation here.

Food is served Mon-Sun 12-2.15.?



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beer, food, real fire, no smoking, real cider, vegetarian, train 


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Oakhill Black Majic Stout
RCH Pitchfork
Wickwar BOB
Wye Valley Black Knight.



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