Top Bell
Barton Gate
1 mile beyond
if coming from A38
(01283) 712510.


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Top Bell  

Like a country estate pub this low beamed ceiling pub is a Mecca around these parts for live jazz and blues music on Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun nights. On these nights there is no food (which is basic, but wholesome and inexpensive, ?3.50, fayre). Food is served at all lunchtimes though and is all cooked to order. This pub has little in the way of soft drinks, but does continuously serve four ales from the Burtonwood brewery of Cheshire. On at the time were Bitter, Forshaw's, Top Hat and Buccaneer. Waiting to come on was Vicar's Revenge 4.2.% a new beer. The pub is 2 roomed, but the second is a small room with a pool table in. The main room hosts the music by the big fireplace which has 78rpm records above it. As mentioned, music is important here and artists travel from miles around (even USA) to play here as the audience is very appreciative. The wooden interior has character, though can get smoky when full. Landlord of 12 years is friendly and chatty and is always willing to stop to talk to customers. If you like good food and good beer then stop here and feel the atmosphere fill you up. There is no accommodation here, though the landlord is thinking about it and might have gone ahead with it by the time you read this.



I called in last Friday evening - the Eddie Martin Band gave us a great night. This pub has a character all of its own - I thought ?6 per head was well worth it for the quality of the music and the beer ( top hat a personal recommendation if you're not driving!). The landlord is an ex Derbian and good to talk to. I came from the North of England for the night out but it was well worth it. (John Walton) 





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Top Hat