The Chequered Skipper
The Green
Near Oundle
(01832) 273494.


Mon-Sat 11.30-3, 6-11 (Sat 11.30-11), Sun 12-10.30  



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The Chequered Skipper  


This pub is a lovely thatched pub situated next to the village green.

There are a number of other thatched cottages surrounding it from the local Rothschild estate. The rural 1930's look from the outside is not reflected inside. Some years ago there was a large fire that destroyed all the interior. This has allowed the interior to be rebuilt in the modern bistro style of its present form, with light wood tables and chairs (though some of these are too close together for comfort).

The main bar room bends round the outside of the building and is quite narrow in places - this is not really a standing up and drinking pub, more a food pub. The bar is long enough but suffers from people sitting at bar stools at busy periods. On at the bar are usually three good real ales, though ask for the sparkler to be removed or you will get a large head - has no one told staff to only dip the sparkler into the beer when trying to top up?

As I said, this is really a food pub and so it is always wise to book if you are thinking of eating. Food - served lunch and evening - is priced at an average for these sorts of rural gastro-pubs, so be aware of that. However, the food is well presented and tasty and the portions are not stingy. Service is good and efficient. There are a number of different spaces to eat all with their own charm and mainly on flagstone type floors.

Look out for the pub sign which is a butterfly - the rare Chequered Skipper - made out of nails. Also you will find some display cases of butterflies inside the pub. Outside is the village green where there are some picnic tables around the edge to enjoy beer and food and of course the great outdoors. There are also some seats out back of the pub where you can sit in the evening discussing the murder 50-odd years ago that shocked the village. Web story here.

Access for the disabled is possible, but the cramped seating makes it hard to get to the bar, there is also a step up into the pub (see picture).

Alas no accommodation here. Children are welcome if eating, though they can always play on the village green - only one road into/out of village and it is very quiet.

If you like conkers, then they World Conker Championships here in October every year - WCC .



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